The MathforLife Project
Telecommunications and the new information networks

Due to the spread of electronic devices, interconnections between them is possible thanks to internet and the web, giving the exciting and extraordinary possibility to share information (and to spread knowledge) all around the world.
In the case of books, digital libraries give the possibility to have the books of all the world in your bookcase (with digital libraries substained by publics or by donations, bookshops and the book market are dead).

Telecommunications are based on signals that reach senses (except touch), so classical books can now merge to illustrations videos and sounds (more generally all Arts that don't need to be touched). Telecommunications are based on photons and not on protons, neutrons and electrons,
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TO DO SOME GOOD, ALWAYS (by Arts, by writings, etc.). In this project this principle of life is "declined" to responds to a particular NECESSITY: it is addressed towards writings on medicine and ecology (medicine, and in particular social medicine, is strictly related to ecology and one demands for the other). The activity of this Site is more "logical" than general Arts, but it doesn't forget a larger and open vision.

You can find books and posters that start from science but go beyond science and technical aspects: they are a reflexion on the existential problems of life. The section of Books dedicated to Arts is a witnesses of this wider vocation (see the Andrea Paolini (more) artistic Site

This is not a lucrative project (coherently with the medical and ecological spirit). It bases itself on donations. To sustain this project, donate.

This is also an Open project: we invite you to send us your comments on all works, and some of the books (see the second page of each book (Books (free readings)) and all of the posters are partecipative works: after discussion, if your adding or proposed change will be accepted, your name will appear as a contributor.

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